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David Morrow MD Guest Sun Protection Expert on KMIR

May 19, 2014

Facial and skin rejuvenation expert David M. Morrow, MD was featured today on KMIR-TV’s “Your Health Matters” in a segment entitled, “Keeping Safe in the Sun Means Doing Your Homework.” Dr. Morrow was the guest of KMIR’s health and beauty editor Janet Zappala, who interviewed him about preventing sun damage, skin aging and skin cancer through the proper use of sunscreen.

A diplomate of the American Boards of Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Morrow initially came to the desert in 1983 as a skin cancer specialist in to address a local skin cancer epidemic. His years of working to mitigate sun damage led him to become an outspoken advocate for sun protection. As Dr. Morrow told Zappala, “There is no such thing as safe sun. The sun’s electromagnetic rays damage skin and prematurely age it causing wrinkles, brown spots, and ultimately skin cancers.”

There’s also no such thing as a safe skin type. “It doesn’t matter what skin type you have,” Dr. Morrow continued. “Sun damage starts on Day 1. You damage the DNA and continue to damage it. That’s why daily use of broad spectrum sun screen is so critical.”

Despite the damage that may already have occurred, “It’s never too late to start a sun protection program,” Dr. Morrow said. “Look for a chemical free, broad spectrum product with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are the safest and most effective available.” Products such as the EltaMD sunscreens sold at The Morrow Institute are among the best on the market. Available in SPF 30-50, tinted or transparent, EltaMD sunscreens provide broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection.

Though prevention is always best, there is good news for those who have not practiced “safe sun” over the years. As soon as a person begins daily use of sunscreen, Dr. Morrow explained, his or her skin will begin to repair itself. Damage can be further reduced through daily use of prescription and over the counter skin care products like MorrowMD that incorporate effective forms of vitamin A, C, and glycolic acid. Some aesthetician treatments can make the use of topical products even more effective.

Those seeking quicker results also have the option of physician performed skin peels. The combination of sunscreen, topical anti-aging products, aesthetician treatments and skin peels can significantly reverse sun damage and skin aging.

It’s essential to do everything possible to prevent further skin sun damage, Dr. Morrow added. “You only have one skin,” he emphasized, “you have to protect if for the rest of your life!”

For more tips on types of sunscreen, how much and how often to apply; the ABC’s of sun protection; important definitions; frequently asked questions and more, see The Morrow Institute’s new online brochure Sun Protection 101. For details on Dr. Morrow’s exclusive MorrowMD skin care products, which promote skin health and beauty, visit

An internationally acclaimed expert who was named one of the Top 100 Cosmetic Surgeons in the world, Dr. Morrow is known as the Patients’ Choice for skin and facial rejuvenation and enhancement.  He is the founder and director of The Morrow Institute in Rancho Mirage, CA, and a prestigious post-residence cosmetic surgery fellowship program affiliated with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons.

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