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The Truth About Dr. Morrow's LastingLift™

Achieving a Natural Look

In Dr. Morrow’s substantial experience, “The first step to achieving a natural look is to understand that each patient is a unique individual. Depending on his or her goals, features, skin condition and general health, we discuss options and develop a plan. No matter what procedures we explore, I consider the interdependence of the three anatomical regions of the face, the upper face, mid-face and lower cheek and neck area as well as the entire structure of the face-- the bone, muscle, fat and skin.”

It’s no secret that physics, gravity, time and personal habits all impact facial aging. “As we age,” he explains, “bones shrink, muscles sag, supporting fat dissolves and/or falls, and the skin actually stretches.” The combination of these structural changes creates folds, bulges and wrinkles: the triple whammy of the aging face.

The long lasting results enjoyed by Chris Theis can only be achieved when both facial anatomy and facial structure are properly addressed. His wife Leslie introduced him to Dr. Morrow. “In 1999,” says the Ojai native, “Dr. Morrow performed a full facelift, cheek implants and a Designed Skin Peel®. I got everything I wanted from it and as time has moved on, it’s only gotten better!”

Dr. Morrow knows why his surgical results last. “The key is restoring the facial foundation. I design and implement a surgical plan that restores and enhances the underlying foundation for each facial region. Then the skin is gently re-draped rather than being pulled.” Anything less, he says, won’t combat the effects of aging or give a balanced, refreshed look over time.

It’s noteworthy that doing it right won’t keep you under wraps for long. Dr. Morrow’s full face rejuvenation requires no more healing time than cookie cutter facelifts.  “I know it sounds ridiculous,” says Glenis Bailey, who traveled from England to have Dr. Morrow perform her surgery, “but I didn’t have any post operative pain. I felt fine, even the next day.”

There’s no substitute for well thought out and well executed surgery, and meticulous post operative follow-up. “When I saw my before and after photos,” says Dawn, “I was really amazed. I never realized I had aged so much! Now I look like a younger version of myself and that was what I wanted. Dr. Morrow has the ability and expertise to look at a face like a piece of art. He sees each individual and understands how to perform whatever procedures will give the best outcome.”