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The Truth About Dr. Morrow's LastingLift™

Ageless Beauty, Timeless Results

Leslie Theis, a commercial airline pilot from Ojai, describes her experience, “I made an investment in myself 12 years ago and it has paid off tenfold. I love the way I look and feel great every day. Thanks to Dr. Morrow,” she concludes, “how I look on the outside is the same as I feel on the inside.” 


Like the cliché goes, “Age is just a number.” When a facelift is done properly, the number is anyone’s guess. Dr. Morrow’s patients often relay stories of mistaken age. “More than once I’ve been mistaken for my granddaughter’s mother,” says Linda Morrow, Dr. Morrow’s wife and patient. “Always incredulous but very flattered, I quickly explain, ‘I’m the grandma. Grandpa is a cosmetic surgeon.’ Then we laugh! ”

For patients like Brenda Miller, time is on her side. “Before starting my own business, I was Dr. Morrow’s cosmetic surgery coordinator. Over the years,” she says, “I saw hundreds of patients. When I decided to have surgery, I wouldn’t have let any other surgeon touch my face!”

More than cosmetic improvement, Brenda’s facelift was the catalyst for change. “Once Dr. Morrow did my surgery,” she adds, “I started taking better care of myself. I paid more attention to skin care, exercise and the way I dress. Now years later I feel great and people say I’ve never looked better. I feel like I regained lost time. I’m maximizing now!”