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Meet Our Patients: Ana Escalante

Ana EscalanteAna Escalante, AIA
Rancho Mirage, CA
Rhinoplasty, Facial Reconstruction

Ana Escalante, AIA, founder of Escalante Architects, is not just active in the field of architecture -- she’s a woman on the move. A member of the adjunct faculty of Cal Poly, a mother and fitness devotee, she often wound up running trails at night to fit exercise into her busy routine.

But sometimes even veteran runners fall. She took a wrong step and fell 20 feet. Ana cut her face, broke her nose and fractured her cheekbones. “I knew the Morrows personally but I did my homework before choosing a cosmetic surgeon,” she recalls. “I wanted the job done right. I wanted someone who really cared about putting me back together!”

Dr. Morrow carefully assessed Ana’s situation and laid out the priorities.  “First I got my nose fixed,” she says. “Then when I began having problems with my eye, Dr. Morrow determined there wasn’t enough bone to support the skin of my lower lid.”

"Dr Morrow had to do re-contour my face and added a little lift to one of my cheekbones which was uneven due to the fracture. But he wouldn’t do it right away.” Struggling to recover from the accident and a family tragedy, Ana had lost a lot of weight. “Dr. Morrow is so ethical and devoted to his patients,” she says, "he told me he wouldn’t perform surgery on me unless I gained 10 pounds! He’s an artist. He helped me look the way I used to – except better!”

Physical beauty is an elusive and subjective ideal, a matter subject to debate.  But beauty can be revealed through the caring hands of a surgeon who brings his craft to an art level.  “Dr. Morrow’s skill and commitment to his patients goes beyond the mechanics of aesthetic surgery.  He searches and celebrates the unique features that are original to each patient; he possesses has the ability to change your life by celebrating the original beauty you were born with.”

“As a business woman and an architect, I am always evaluating the value of aesthetics and beauty. Through Dr. Morrow’s care, I have learned to appreciate and celebrate the enigmatic and tangible beauty he unleashes under his exceptional care.”