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The Truth About Dr. Morrow's LastingLift™

Beware of Hype

If you’ve ever seen someone who’s obviously “had work done,” you’re seeing bad surgery. You know the signs: the lowered brows that make a person look angry; the raised brows that exclaim, “I’m always surprised!”  Earlobes attached to the side of the face, or scrunching and bunching around the eyes.

Unfortunately, many patients fall prey to the lure of a quick fix. “When surgeons primarily move skin,” Dr. Morrow, says, “which is the only way a ‘one-hour facelift’ can be done, it may look good initially but it can’t hold up. Then the unnatural lines, sags and bags that frequently ensue are often inappropriately addressed with fillers. Ultimately, the combination distorts the normal contours of the face.”

Dr. Morrow sees many disappointed individuals after they’ve had non-surgical or assembly line facelifts performed elsewhere, and when surgeons tout solutions that only address one portion of the face. “I often revise prior surgeries to give patients the outcomes they wanted from the outset, “ he says, “but not all mistakes can be corrected.”

In the case of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Morrow stresses, less is not more! “Beware of hype,” he cautions. “Cosmetic surgery is an adult arena. Make decisions wisely because you will live with your choices. An important part of my job is to help guide my patients through the process and give them options that provide maximum benefits.”


A facelift is only as good as the surgeon who performs it. So choosing your surgeon is the most important step. In addition to being named a top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Morrow recently earned a third consecutive “Patients’ Choice Award.” He was also singled out for a “Compassionate Doctor Recognition.” His patients all know why.

“I attended one of Dr. Morrow’s seminars,” Carol reminisces. “I was so impressed with his presentation! He was personable, normal and easy to talk to. Later, when we began talking about what I wanted done, he was very conservative in his recommendations. I went forward with all the trust in the world.”

Glenis interviewed dozens of surgeons over a two year period before choosing Dr. Morrow. “I knew I could rely upon him to be there for me every step of the way. And he has been, beyond my expectations.”

From start to finish, Dawn was sure Dr. Morrow was the right surgeon for her. Once she had her procedure, she says, “Dr. Morrow saw me on a daily basis. His follow-up care was phenomenal. And his office staff was so wonderful. I felt like we had become personal friends. The care was absolutely the best!”

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