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Designed Skin Peels®

Having a surgical facelift without skin rejuvenation is like making a new outfit out of old material. It’s beautiful and stylish, but the fabric is still old. Skin is the fabric of your face. To get the most from your facelift, revitalized skin is essential.

As a cosmetic surgeon who is also board certified in dermatology, Dr. Morrow has performed tens of thousands of skin rejuvenation procedures. His trademarked Designed Skin Peel® pairs a range of solutions to specific areas of the face (and body). Similar to his approach to facelifts, each Designed Skin Peel® is a one of a kind procedure. The peels are particularly effective for treating fine lines, evening skin pigment, reducing brown spots, smoothing skin, and restoring radiance and a youthful glow to the skin. They're also one of the most popular procedures performed at The Morrow Institute with a very high patient satisfaction rating.

In Dr. Morrow’s hands, your Designed Skin Peel® can often be performed at the same time as your facelift. Dr. Morrow’s pioneering work in this area was presented at the 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Follow up skin peels may be performed later as the icing on the cake. 

An Artist's ApproacH: The skin on each area of the face (eyelids, cheeks, chin, nose, around the lips) has different characteristics. The same is true for the skin on different areas of the body -- particularly the chest, hands, arms and legs.A range of solutions ranging from mild to very strong can be used on the skin to safely effect rejuvenation. But many physicians apply one solution evenly on the entire face.

With a Designed Skin Peel® at The Morrow Institute, solutions are applied with the care of an artist applying paint on canvas. Nuances are understood and celebrated. Each solution is carefully selected to effect the best results for that particular area.

How it Works: Designed Skin Peels® are typically performed as an office procedure without anesthesia although deeper peels do require IV sedation. After the solution is applied, the skin slowly devitalizes. The process take between 24 hours and 5 days. As devitalization happens, the "old" skin dries and creates a natural bandaid covering the new skin being formed beneath it. The old skin "peels" or sloughs off within 3-14 days.

The day after the procedure, patients are checked by Dr. Morrow, who sees them frequently while they are healing. Patients are free to shower, wash their hair, etc., but direct sun exposure must be avoided. Pain is typically not experienced during the recovery period.

Hands and Other Areas: Hands can give away a person's age regardless of how youthful his or her face may be. A Designed Skin Peel® can help the skin on the hands match the skin on a newly peeled face. The peels are very effective in reducing brown (age) spots on the hands.

The Décolletage:  Freckles, spots, blotches and crêpey skin on the neck and chest make men and women look older. In Dr. Morrow’s hands, these delicate skin areas may be treated by skin peeling to turn back the clock and restore more youthful texture, tone and color. 

Skin of Other Body Areas: Anyone with a history of sun exposure and tanning or over the age of 50 knows that the skin of the arms, legs and even feet can show signs of sun damage and skin aging that is less than attractive. Dr. Morrow has treated many patients to help them reverse skin aging and sun damage on all these areas of skin.