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Earlobe Reconstruction and Shaping

The normal aging process can cause earlobes to become unattractive. Heavy dangle earrings can also cause them to stretch. When combined with Dr. Morrow's Lifetime Lift and a Designed Skin Peel, earlobe reconstruction can restore their youthful appearance.

Earlobes can be a telltale sign of age but are often overlooked when facelifts are performed. In a general way, firm, well shaped, smooth earlobes are synonymous with youth. On the other hand, elongated, stretched, and folded lobes can give away a person's age. Besides natural aging, earlobes can become distorted through trauma such as laceration, stretched by wearing heavy dangling earrings, and prior face lift surgery.

Facelifts that take earlobes into consideration can yield results that make ears a work of art and beauty. The goal of earlobe reconstruction surgery is to make the ear a feature that adds to the face, not something that needs to be hidden by hair.

Three key issues that should be addressed in earlobe shaping are structure, proportion and position. Structure includes the length, width and thickness of the lobes. Proportion should be on scale with the size of the person's face and neck. Even a few millimeters can make a significant difference. And the position should be partially detached, vertical, and not rotated forward or backward. The position of the lobe, in particular, can be a tip off to prior facelift trauma.

At The Morrow Institute, earlobe refinement and rejuvenation is accomplished by earlobeplasty as part of Dr. Morrow's LastingLift™. The procedure is often combined with a Designed Skin Peel® for optimal results.