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The Truth About Dr. Morrow's LastingLift™

By Catherine Rips

Not all FACE LIFTS are created equal

Despite similarities in height and weight, people’s proportions differ. And when it comes to our faces, those differences are even more pronounced. Love it or hate it, your nose is uniquely yours, as are your eyes, cheeks, lips and neck. That's why cookie cutter facelifts won't give you the lift you want. And why patients from around the world choose Dr. David Morrow.

Just Moving Skin Won’t Do it

Facelifts have been around for nearly 100 years. “In the early days,” says Dr. David Morrow, founder and director of The Morrow Institute, a Specialty Plastic Surgery® center, “surgeons provided temporary improvement primarily by moving skin. It was a wonderful advancement at the time, but that type of limited approach doesn’t create long-lasting, natural looking results.”

In this more enlightened era, most people agree with Carol Harris, a retired financial services executive from Camarillo. “I wanted cosmetic surgery,” she recalls, “but I didn’t want that tightness you so often see. I didn’t want to look like I’d had a facelift or to look like someone else.”

Dawn Kerrigan concurred. A Rancho Mirage snowbird from Sonoma, she says, “I didn’t want to have too much done. I wanted just the right amount to look the best for my age. I didn’t want to look like I was 20!”

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