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Meet Our Patients: Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith
Palm Springs, California
Designer & Personal Image Consultant

Facial Filling

As a former New York runway model and professional who brings out the beauty in others, it was especially hard to lose confidence in my own appearance. Dr. Morrow and his team restored balance to my face and to my life. Now the way I look is in harmony with the way I feel. I’m ready to take on the future!

In my profession, I bring out the best in my clients with hair, make up and clothes. The Morrow Institute does the same for its patients but with scalpel and syringe.

I first discovered Dr. Morrow and The Morrow Institute about 10 years ago, while searching for the finest cosmetic surgeons for my clients. When it was time for me to “get something done” there was no question about where I would go. Having liposculpture several years ago for my “love handles” was easy an easy decision and I continue to enjoy the benefits.

Then I approached Dr. Morrow with a more complicated problem that profoundly affected the way I felt about myself. The hollowness of my forehead, cheeks and area around my eyes made me look tired and much older than my age. My friends told me to get more rest but I needed more than a good night’s sleep.  

Dr. Morrow suggested facial filling. After several sessions of facial filling, my facial contour is much improved. I happier with the way I look and feel more confident.