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Meet Our Patients: Ken Ericksen

Ken EricksenKen Ericksen
Borrego Springs, California / Western Alaska
Lap Band® Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery

As a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, Ken Ericksen has had a physically demanding career.  The sports he enjoys are no less challenging. An avid skier and diver, he ultimately broke his leg eight times.

“I’d had weight issues my whole life,” he recalls, “but I had been able to keep under 200 pounds by dieting. When I got up to 230, and the dieting didn’t work, it started to affect my leg. I was limping and had trouble bearing weight.”

With 70 excess pounds, and having lost and gained weight many times, Mr. Erickson was an excellent candidate for Lap Band® weight loss surgery. A snowbird who spends part of the year in Borrego Springs, he researched the procedure and called The Morrow Institute.   “I liked Dr. Coon right away.” he says. “He spent time with me, discussed his experience, described the surgery and answered all my questions. I had a lot of confidence in him.”

Because of the issues with his leg, Mr. Erickson had experienced a number of surgical procedures in other surgery centers around the country. “I’m impressed with how modern and complete The Morrow Institute’s facility is!  Compared to other procedures I’ve had, this was relatively simple. And it all went really well, exactly as they said it would. I was in and out in about three and a half hours.” As resourceful as you’d expect a commercial fisherman to be, he adds, “I was quite capable of taking care of myself at home.”

Since Mr. Erickson’s surgery, Dr. Wu has done all the fine tuning, adjusting the band as needed, a quick 10-minute outpatient process. “Dr. Wu has been so friendly and supportive,” Mr. Ericksen says, “and the outcome was everything I had hoped for.  I dropped 70 pounds in about 10 months. My mobility is much improved. I can eat and drink whatever I want and have no adverse effects. But I no longer want burgers or donuts. It’s made me an amazingly different eater – much healthier.”

“I had Lap Band® surgery at when I was 65 years old. Thanks to The Morrow Institute, I will be fishing, skiing and diving for at least another 10 years!”