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The Morrow Institute's Liquid FaceLifts

The Morrow Institute's Liquid FaceLifts can reverse early signs of aging. This non-surgical procedure can often forestall the need for surgery by several years or can be an excellent transition toward a more comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

Accomplished through the use of a combination of injectable facial fillers and Botox®, our Liquid FaceLifts bring back youthful fullness to the face, reduce wrinkles, and reduce the tired look caused by circles or bags under the eye. The Morrow Institute's Liquid FaceLift can even reduce the appearance of jowls by smoothing and reshaping contours.

At The Morrow Institute, we apply knowledge of facial anatomy and sound aesthetic judgment with the application of a range of injectables including Radiesse®, Juvederm® and Botox® to create a unique customized Liquid FaceLift for each individual. No two Liquid FaceLifts are the same.

The Morrow Institute's Liquid FaceLifts achieve youthful, natural looking results. There's no surgery, little to no downtime, no anesthesia and results are immediate. Patients look more rested and energetic, like the clock has been turned back 2-5 years. Results typically last 12-18 months; minor touch-ups at six month intervals can extend the aesthetic benefits.

Results of our Liquid FaceLifts can be further enhanced with skin rejuvenation treatments including the Morrow Designed Skin Peel®, Morrow Signature aesthetician services and use of the MorrowMD and Skin Resource skin care products.

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