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Meet Our Patients: Marsella Dodge

MarsellaMarsella Dodge
Palm Springs, California
Mommy Makeover

Mother of two Marsella Dodge has lived in Palm Springs her entire life and had always seen ads for The Morrow Institute. When she discovered she had five hernias as a result of her pregnancies, she made an appointment. “I immediately liked the environment,” she says, “it was very welcoming. And I really liked the doctors. They were great. So available! They were quick to call me back if I had any concerns and always explained what I should expect. The staff and nurses were wonderful too. No matter what question I asked, they never made me feel silly. They answered everything.”

Marsella was very happy with the results of her hernia surgery. “So two years later, when I wanted to have a breast lift, I didn’t look anywhere else. And I was just as happy with that result.”

Married for eight years, Marsella appreciated that her husband was involved with her care. “The Morrow Institute encouraged me to discuss my options with him and always kept him informed. They wanted us both to be totally comfortable.”

Although she was only 28 at the time of her second surgery, she had started to lose confidence in the way she looked. “Anyone who’s ever had children will understand. I just wanted to look like I used to. When people see my now, they don’t know I’ve had anything done. They just say, ‘You look great!’ My husband agrees.”

Marsella feels good about the choices she made. “I have total confidence in The Morrow Institute and thanks to Dr. Morrow, I have more confidence in myself. I feel terrific about the way I look.”