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“The removal of excess skin following dramatic weight loss is often medically necessary,” says Dr. David Morrow, medical director of The Morrow Institute Medical Group. “Flaps of hanging skin can create serious health problems, so the concern is not simply cosmetic.”

Morrow’s practice specializes in procedures for the face and body, plus many affordable rejuvenation treatments. But Morrow cautions that while it’s tempting to bargain shop, patients should always seek the best-qualified care available.

“In my 30 years of practice, I have seen new and exciting techniques come and go. But at times like these, I believe it is best to stick with good, basic principles when selecting a surgeon and deciding upon a procedure,” Morrow says.

He advises patients considering any type of cosmetic enhancement to take the time to investigate the doctor and the procedure carefully. “Checking for credentials and getting more than one opinion is always recommended.”

Author: Trudie Mitschang