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The Truth About Dr. Morrow's LastingLift™

Chris and Leslie

Leslie Theis, 52

Commercial Airline Pilot
Ojai, CA

“I made an investment in myself 12 years ago and it’s paid off tenfold. Since I had my facelift, how I look on the outside is the same as I feel on the inside.” - Leslie

Chris Theis, 65

Wood Artisan
Ojai, CA

“In 1999, Dr. Morrow performed a full facelift, cheek implants and Designed Skin Peel®. As time has moved on, it’s only gotten better!” - Chris

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Before & After

  • Post Op – 30 Days: Dr. Morrow's Lifetime Lift™, Upper face endoscopic scarless face lift, cheek neck lift, mounted cheek implants, Designed Skin Peel™

    Chris Theis
  • Post Op – 6 Mos: Dr. Morrow's Lifetime Lift™, Upper face lift, mid face lift, cheek-neck lift, upper lid blepharoplasty, Designed Skin Peel™

    Leslie Theis