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Meet Our Patients: Randy Araiza

Randy Araiza

Randy Araiza
Indian Wells, California
Sales & Marketing Manager, Morton's Steak House

Chin Implant

I am not the kind of person who makes up her mind easily so when I decided to explore nasal surgery, I took my time. I saw two other surgeons before coming to The Morrow Institute. Yet when I met Dr. Morrow, I quickly knew my search was over.

From the moment I walked into The Morrow Institute I could see every member of the staff was committed to quality patient care. In my business we call it customer service and I am all about customer service!

The staff was delightfully open with me about what I could expect and about their own experiences with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. When I met Dr. Morrow his warm yet direct approach conveyed confidence without arrogance. Instead of talking about how my nose looked, he zeroed in on the frequent sinus infections I've had since childhood and how I had a hard time sleeping due to breathing problems. Dr. Morrow explained how Dr. Pincus could not only help my nose look better but function better.

Dr. Pincus confirmed that performing surgery was medically necessary. He also told me that my surgery would be extremely complicated requiring him to essentially collapse and then reconstruct my nose. In addition he would improve its size and shape.   

I was ready to schedule my surgery when Dr. Morrow made an additional suggestion: that I get a chin implant at the same time. I realized he was right; I would be disappointed if my new nose were not in balance with the rest of my face.  

It has been several years since my surgery and I am truly happy with the results. My family and friends tell me I look like me... the way I was always supposed to look. And my nose now works... the way it was always supposed to work!