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Meet Our Patients: Victoria Summer

VictoriaSummer_newVictoria Summer
Los Angeles, CA
: Non-surgical Techniques; Skin Care Products

She's starred in films and performed before the Queen of England. A natural beauty, singer, actress and model, Victoria Summer makes career choices carefully.

A native Brit now living in Los Angeles, Victoria originally came to The Morrow Institute for a second opinion about her health.  She had been told by another physician she needed surgery. “After a  consultation with Dr. Wu, I learned I didn’t need surgery!” she happily reports. “That was the start of a beautiful relationship with The Morrow Institute.”

Since that initial visit, Victoria has consistently used The Morrow Institute’s skin care products. She also relies on their non-surgical treatments to keep her skin looking great. As someone in the public eye, who’s frequently seen onstage and on the covers of magazines, it’s important she look her best.

A consummate professional, she has spent countless hours rigorously pursuing her art and just as many pursuing physical fitness. “I have a busy schedule," she says, "but I never want it to show. That’s why my choice is The Morrow Institute team. Their products and non-surgical options help me look and feel my best. I trust them completely.”

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