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What is Specialty Plastic Surgery®

What is Specialty Plastic Surgery

Dramatic advances in science and technology are continually changing the practice of medicine, steadily moving it toward ever greater specialization. This move toward specialization is particularly evident in the best plastic surgery centers and best cosmetic surgery practices because there are simply too many nuances and techniques for one individual surgeon to master them all. Accordingly, often top plastic surgeons and top cosmetic surgeons choose to focus on a single procedure or area of the body. These specialists are often known as the best facelift, eyelid, nasal, breast and body surgeons in the United States and beyond. 

What is Plastic Surgery?
The word plastic derives from the Greek word plastos, which means to move or to mold. Plastic surgery refers to the movement or molding of tissues to reconstruct organ function or enhance appearance.

Which Physicians Perform Specialty Plastic Surgery®?
Dermatologists, ophthalmologist and otolaryngologists are the most prominent specialists performing specialty plastic surgery. Their background and training includes the study of the principles, techniques, and standards of plastic surgery within their specialties. General plastic surgeons are trained in general surgery and receive specific training in the principles, techniques and standards of general plastic surgery. Often both specialty plastic surgeons and general plastic surgeons choose to specialize in just one or two areas of the body.

Why Choose Dr. David Morrow and The Morrow Institute?
Dr. Morrow's Specialty Plastic Surgery approach to achieving great skin and facial plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery means all procedures are coordinated and performed in the appropriate order to provide you with beautiful, long lasting, natural looking results. Plus Dr. Morrow is known for his personalized attention and warm relationship with each of his patients making them feel part of The Morrow Institute “family.”

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Results Speak for Themselves.
Over the years, Dr. Morrow’s Specialty Plastic Surgery® approach has achieved its goal: to promote the best plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Patients enthusiastically express appreciation for their outstanding care and excellent results.

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